We deliver an Ethics Training Program through workshops that are held throughout the year.

If you are interested to attend any of our workshops please go to the Staff Development website to register for upcoming training dates. 

Fact Finding (one day)

Our Fact Finding Workshop is designed to help develop the necessary skills for managers and supervisors or employees of the University who may become involved in a workplace investigation or fact finding exercise. The Workshop will enable participants to:

  • Understand the theory behind conducting investigations or making inquiries.
  • Understand the legislative framework for conducting investigations or making inquiries.
  • Conduct investigative interviews.
  • Find and use evidence to establish facts.
  • Write reports for appropriate audiences.
  • Identify and manage systemic issues.

Ethics Awareness (3.5hrs)

Our ethics awareness workshop is designed to engage managers in conversation on ethical dilemmas and ethical decision making. The Workshop is delivered by the IIU Associate Director David Lavell but is very much driven by the experiences and opinions of those participating and draws upon the analysis of case studies. The Workshop will enable participants to:

  • Consider the concept of ethics as a core value.
  • Understand personal and organisational ethics.
  • Better deal with ethical dilemmas.
  • Make ethical decisions.

Corrupt Conduct & Public Interest Disclosure Awareness (2hrs)

Supervisors or managers may be involved in the initial intake of a complaint or they may receive information which relates to possible misconduct by a University employee.  As such, they need to recognise what types of behaviors could amount to ‘Corrupt Conduct’ and what make some complaints a ‘Public Interest Disclosure’ (PID), and the legal obligations that the University has to deal with such matters correctly. 

This Workshop is interactive and relies upon the use of scenario based exercises. It will enable participants to: 

  • Identify Corrupt Conduct;
  • Identify a Public Interest Disclosure; 
  • Understand the University's legislative obligations for reporting and dealing with such matters;
  • Understand the responsibilities that supervisors and managers have reporting and dealing with such matters;
  • Learn about the Corrupt Conduct and PID assessment tools that are available.

Fraud and Corruption Awareness (online)

In addition to our workshops, we also administer and oversee an online Fraud and Corruption Awareness training module which all University employees are required to complete. This training takes around 30mins to complete and has an assessment component to it.

Go to the training module.

Ad Hoc Training

The IIU often provides ad hoc training for staff and organisational units across the University to promote ethical awareness, decision-making and behavior. This includes training on conflict of interests, corrupt conduct, public interest disclosure and sexual harassment at work.